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Installation Guide-Horizontal Blinds

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Installation of our blinds is easy. Follow our installation guide that will guide you through the process with step by step instructions, and you will get the best result and a fantastic looking blind installed in no time.

Inside Mount or Outside Mount

There are two ways to mount Horizontal Blinds, inside the window frame or outside. For a clean, built-in look, use inside mount. This also allows you to hang other window coverings, like draperies over the blind.

Mounting the blind outside the window is required when the blind is not able to be installed inside. Also use outside mount when you want to make a window look wider and longer, or when you have an unattractive window that you want to hide. It’s also a good option if you have a window that is noticeably off square.

When measuring, use a steel measuring tape and measure to the nearest 1/8-inch. Don’t round your measurements.

Note which measurement is the width by marking a “W” next to it and note the height with an “H.” Always put the width measurement first. Remember: W x H. Horizontal Blinds

Unless told otherwise, do not deduct for the mounting brackets or head rail; the factory will do this. Provide the exact window size.

Tip: When using an inside mount, first measure to make sure the frame is deep enough to accommodate the hanging hardware.

Inside Mount Blinds

Once you have determined your frame is deep enough for the hardware, take three measurements for the width: one at the top of the window, one in the middle and one at the bottom. Use the narrowest width as your measurement.

For the height, measure left of the window, right side, and the center. Record the shortest height.

Outside Mount Blinds

When measuring for outside mount, start by measuring the window’s width. Then, if possible, add at least 3 inches to each side to ensure you are covering the light gap and to maximize privacy.

Then measure the window’s height and add at least 2.5 inches to allow the space for mounting brackets and overlap at the bottom of the blind.

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