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Switchable Smart Glass Skylights

Available in panel sizes up to 1.8m x 6m

Switchable Smart Glass Skylights are an excellent way to brighten up your space in a way that is sure to leave visitors in awe.

Traditional Skylights do not offer simple privacy
Traditional skylights are usually glass windows in a top floor ceiling, allowing the light from the sky to spill into the room, whilst keeping its occupants protected from the elements.

A skylight allows you to see directly up into the sky from inside a room, bringing the vast visual benefits of natural light into your space. However, one of the biggest issues with traditional skylights is the convenience of privacy. The very nature of a skylight dictates that it would usually be placed on the ceiling, and most ceilings are physically out of reach for many. This is problematic as privacy becomes a serious consideration, particularly in cities and built-up residential areas. Furthermore, if the roof of the building also serves as a separate floor, privacy is a pressing concern as usual skylights would expose a view from underneath.

The easiest solution to solving window privacy concerns would traditionally be blinds or curtains – however, the horizontal orientation of a skylight makes most curtains useless and blinds a major difficulty. The height of a skylight alone could make this not only difficult to install, but also incredibly frustrating to operate from below and possibly even look messy.

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