What we offer

  • 2" Fauxwood Blinds

  • Dress up any window with these Better Homes and Gardens 2 inch Faux Wood Blinds. They are made of moisture-resistant and heat-resistant PVC and do not fade, crack, rust or warp, making them suitable for all weather conditions. These Better Homes and Gardens blinds have a realistic wood grain that is imprinted directly onto the slat. They are easily adjustable and look wonderful when mounted inside your window frame. The white faux wood blinds blend flawlessly with painted trim for a professional and complete look. They are compatible with a variety of window treatments and look charming with the included matching valance alone. These blinds come with easy-to-follow instructions for stress-free installation and include all the necessary hardware for completion, plus a matching valance and a tilt wand. They are an excellent choice for light control, as well as for privacy, in your home or office.

  • Roller Shade

  • Roller Blinds are a simple yet stylish and effective window coverings solution. The light weight construction of the Roller Blind makes them perfect for Canadian Windows.

    The DBS range of fabrics offer varying degrees of transparency for your light and viewing preference. Choose a blockout fabric for complete privacy and protection from the hot sun (great for bedrooms) or maybe a Light Filter fabric for a living area to keep privacy during the day and allow an ambient level of light into the room.

    Advantages include easy cleaning, light to operate, they reduce glare, improve the insulation of your home and add privacy during the day while keeping your furniture and carpets protected from UV rays.

  • Zebra Blind

  • Zebra Blinds, also known as Vision Blinds or Transition Blinds, are a modern and stylish window covering solution for any home. Similar in structure to the Roller Blind, Zebra Blinds have a unique design with two fabric layers alternating to create complete light filtering or dim out, sheer view, or a combination of the two – creating a similar effect to a zebra pattern.

    The unique design allows for the ultimate in control over, view, privacy, light, and style in the one blind. This makes them the perfect option for rooms such as living rooms, bedrooms and studies. With the light filtering fabric open, an ambient level of light can enter the room whilst maintaining privacy and when the sheer fabric is open, it is the perfect way to allow the natural sunlight to flood the room. Zebra Blinds are easy to clean and maintain with strong durable fabrics and components. They are simple to operate, with a colour coordinated cord attached for easy transitioning of the fabric to the desired position.

  • Sheer Vertical Blinds

  • Sheer Vertical Blinds give your home that soft touch while still getting all the control and privacy offered from traditional blinds. DBS Sheers Blinds offers a sophisticated and charming style to compliment any décor and it can be left alone for a finished look.

    The vanes blend in seamlessly with surrounding sheer fabric and come in an array of color choices including special threaded sheer, linen and translucence fabrics.

    The Vertical Sheers Blinds The ability to control light and privacy like verticals but with a luxurious style. Another great option for larger windows and doors.

  • Shangri La Window Blinds

  • Shangri-La is a fantastic modern look for any contemporary home. Available up to 3000mm wide with translucent or room darkening blades to complement your Requirements. Also suitable and complimentary for any luxury yacht, Shangri-La comes in a range of fashionable pastel tones. When you see Shangri-La you will not be disappointed.

    The translucent sheer fabric vanes of Shangri-La® Sheer Window can be positioned fully open, fully closed or anywhere in between for the privacy control you want. And unlike any other window shading available, Shangri-La Blinds can be raised with the vanes still open.

    Also available is the Shangri-La Collection of Room Darkening fabrics which are perfect for  privacy.

  • Honeycomb (Circular) Blinds.

  • Give you a warm experience of "four seasons like spring"


    1, the product fabric is a unique honeycomb design, the overall layering, 2, the hollow layer of the fabric stores air, which is good for partitioning indoor and outdoor circulation, and has excellent thermal insulation function.

    2, the upper and lower combined honeycomb curtain, day and night honeycomb curtain, etc. to build a unique concept of controlling sunlight


    Widely used in villas, bedrooms, attic sloping windows, living rooms, office lounges, conference rooms, etc.

    Honeycomb Circular Blinds advantage:

    1. Imported fabric, anti-static, easy to clean, long-term quality appearance guarantee

    2.20 years focus on research institutions and electric systems, promote different light management concepts, apply to a variety of window types

    The product concept of excellence, the introduction of the most distinctive products in Sweden and the Netherlands

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