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How to Choose the Right outdoor Blinds for Your Room?

How to Choose the Right Outdoor Blinds for Your Room?

A better choice of outdoor blinds for your room can be a bit relaxing especially when you prefer privacy and good sleep. A good suitable shade of blinds can also bring out the appearance and color of your room. It can also be useful and essential when you have a child’s room inside your house. Motorized Shades Blinds can also be essential and responsible for your safety and for blocking the noise from the outside.

Types of blinds:

Blinds come in various styles and shapes, fitting accordingly to your needs.

  1. Roman blinds: The main purpose for this kind of blinds is to provide controlled light exposure and not allowing anyone to see through, hence keeping your privacy.

Roman Blinds - DBS Blinds

  1. Roller blinds: Roller blinds have that extra bit of coating which allows more controlled sunlight exposure and also its perfect for a slightly wet or moist environment. Spring loaded roller blinds have no cords which makes it a safe option.

Roller Blinds - DBS Blinds

  1. Vertical blinds: Vertical blinds are a bit longer than the usual Motorized Shades blinds, starting from the ceiling and ending up on the floor, so they can be helpful in dust control and are affordable.

Verticle Blinds - DBS Blinds

  1. Wooden blinds: Wooden outdoor blinds as the name suggests are made of wood and can be used to control the temperature of a room by insulating the environment at the window location during the winter

Wooden Blinds - DBS Blinds

  1. Venetian blinds: These types of blinds are also used to filter light and allows to control a damp environment.

Venetian Blinds - DBS Blinds

  1. Faux Wood blinds: These blinds are highly durable and have a low chance of producing cracks inside them.

Faux Wood Blinds - DBS Blinds

Right blinds for your needs:

Different rooms and different people have different needs. To select the perfect Motorized Window Shades blinds for your room, you’ll have to observe something.

  • Your safety and privacy: One of the things you should keep in mind while choosing outdoor blinds is your privacy and safety. Those blinds which completely cuts off the visual connection to the inside of your room can save you from privacy exploitation. For this purpose, Roman and Roller Blinds are a good option because they can provide you with complete blackout from the outside.


  • Light exposure: The amount of light exposure can determine a good sleep. If a person has light-sensitive eyes, then complete light blockage can be done through blinds. For this purpose, Roman, Roller and Vertical blinds can be used which should fit the frame of the window.


  • Noise control: All the noise from the outside can be controlled through blinds making your room quieter and more peaceful. For this purpose, Vertical, Roller and wooden blinds can be used.


  • For different rooms: Various types of blinds can be used in different rooms. For example, Venetian and Roller blinds can provide a moist controlled environment which is important in a kitchen. Similarly, those blinds which can give you easy access to the window are used in bathrooms such as faux wood blinds. Solar Blinds which provide a soft touch of light and brightness can be used in guest rooms.


  • For decoration: Different styles and different designs of the blinds are available at the market which can be used to increase the beauty of your room. By choosing the right color and right style for your Horizontal blinds, you can promote a more relaxing environment for.


  • Safety of your child: The most importing thing to be kept in mind while choosing the right blinds is to avoid the hazard imposed by the blind cords. For this purpose, Spring loaded Roller blinds are cord-free blinds, hence they rule out that possibility of strangulation and ensures the safety of your young ones.


  • Fit to size: While choosing blinds to make sure the Solar blinds fit the size of the window frame. In order to enjoy the above-mentioned uses of Horizontal blinds, it is also necessary for a blind to cover all the area and leave nothing. Vertical blinds are long and hence they can provide the surety of covering every inch of your window.


  • Temperature management: Some Solar blinds provide insulation such as wooden blinds which may lead to a warm comfortable environment in the room during winters.


  • Affordability: Horizontal Blinds which are easy to access and have a lesser load on your budget while fulfilling your every need should also be kept in mind. Vertical and Roman blinds are quite affordable and are easy to access in the market.

October is secure motorized window shades period

Children. They’re astounding, yet they some way or another figure out how to get into a horrendous part of evil. So why not keep away from a portion of that insidiousness all together by enhancing your windows with Child Safe motorized window shades Treatments? Don’t know where to start? Here are some extraordinary precedents:

The most effortless approach to stay away from any potential dangers with window medicines is to guarantee that they have no ropes. Luckily, on the grounds, that kid well-being is important to the point that most organizations make all items with the alternative of cordless or corded at this point. Cordless items will go anyplace from a basic spring Roller Shade to a rich cordless Motorized Shades. The best part about cordless is that they currently accompany blinds as well! Not simply textures any longer; Faux Wood, Real Wood and even Aluminum motorized window shades blinds can accompany a cordless instrument. No ropes, no stresses! outdoor Blinds:

Is it true that you are infatuated with an item that does not accompany a cordless choice? Don’t sweat it! Every single corded visually impaired and shades currently accompany tyke security components like line ties or cord cleats to help hold the ropes set up, which enables you to have genuine feelings of serenity. These rope ties/rope spikes are mounted along within the window ledge or on the divider by the window, Solar Blinds enabling the lines to be folded/tied over them. You additionally have the alternative of the affix circle tie which, once more, is mounted to the ledge and the chain circle is tied through the center, making it unimaginable for meandering hands to snatch tight.

In case you’re ever uncertain about an item, you can directly contact us  (604) 503-5340 and get confirmation name on items too! This mark effortlessly causes you to distinguish those Horizontal Blinds or Motorized Shades that are best for homes with kids.

Measuring Guide-Horizontal-blinds

To help get the right match we’ve got provided a handy mensuration|activity”>measure guide to help you. it’s necessary you get this correct thus follow our guide and you’ll realize it’s heaps easier than you’re thinking that.


Solar Blinds Need help with a commercial or contracting job? Get started right here. Need help with a commercial or contracting job? Get started right here. Need help with a commercial or contracting job? Get started right here. Need help with a commercial or contracting job? Get started right here. Need help with a commercial or contracting job? Get started right here. Need help with a commercial or contracting job? Get started right here. Need help with a commercial or contracting job? Get started right here. Solar Blinds, Need help with a commercial or contracting job? Get started right here.

Installation Guide

Installation of our blinds is easy. Follow our installation guide that will guide you through the process with step by step instructions, and you will get the best result and a fantastic looking blind installed in no time.

Inside Mount or Outside Mount

There are two ways to mount blinds, inside the window frame or outside. For a clean, built-in look, use inside mount. This also allows you to hang other window coverings, like draperies over the blind.

Mounting the blind outside the window is required when the blind is not able to be installed inside. Also use outside mount when you want to make a window look wider and longer, or when you have an unattractive window that you want to hide. It’s also a good option if you have a window that is noticeably off square.

When measuring, use a steel measuring tape and measure to the nearest 1/8-inch. Don’t round your measurements.

Note which measurement is the width by marking a “W” next to it and note the height with an “H.” Always put the width measurement first. Remember: W x H.

Unless told otherwise, do not deduct for the mounting brackets or head rail; the factory will do this. Provide the exact window size.

Tip: When using an inside mount, first measure to make sure the frame is deep enough to accommodate the hanging hardware.

Inside Mount Blinds

Once you have determined your frame is deep enough for the hardware, take three measurements for the width: one at the top of the window, one in the middle and one at the bottom. Use the narrowest width as your measurement.

For the height, measure left of the window, right side, and the center. Record the shortest height.

Outside Mount Blinds

When measuring for outside mount, start by measuring the window’s width. Then, if possible, add at least 3 inches to each side to ensure you are covering the light gap and to maximize privacy.

Then measure the window’s height and add at least 2.5 inches to allow the space for mounting brackets and overlap at the bottom of the blind.

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