Zebra Blinds

Zebra Blinds, also known as Vision Blinds or Transition Blinds, are a modern and stylish window covering solution for any home. Similar in structure to the Roller Blind, Zebra Blinds have a unique design with two fabric layers alternating to create complete light filtering or dim out, sheer view, or a combination of the two – creating a similar effect to a zebra pattern.

The unique design allows for the ultimate in control over, view, privacy, light, and style in the one blind. This makes them the perfect option for rooms such as living rooms, bedrooms and studies. With the light filtering fabric open, an ambient level of light can enter the room whilst maintaining privacy and when the sheer fabric is open, it is the perfect way to allow the natural sunlight to flood the room. Zebra Blinds are easy to clean and maintain with strong durable fabrics and components. They are simple to operate, with a color coordinated cord attached for easy transitioning of the fabric to the desired position.

Glimpse of our Zebra Blinds

Sizes we offer

DBS Blinds and Decorative Services offers many variations of sizes that fits your need. It starts from 12 inch wide to 144 inch long. You can explore our size ranges by going through our main product here Zebra Blinds .

Colors you can choose:

We understand your taste and offer the colors that will match your expectations. Under Blinds we provide you the following colors to choose from like ICE, SAND, IVORY, GREY, MINK, BLACK. To see the colors please go to our main product page here Zebra Blinds.

Chain Position:

You can select the Chain Position as you desire. It may be Plastic or Nickel Plated. To know more about it please go to our main product page here Zebra Blinds.

Mounting Surface:

When you are about to shop our Zebra Blinds you can also configure the Mounting Surface. You can choose your Zebra Blinds Mounting Surface to be of WOOD, METAL or BRICK/CEMENT. To know more about it please go to our main product page here Zebra Blinds.

Other Upgrades:

Customize your Zebra Blinds either to be Chain Control, Motorized or even Remote Control. To know more about it please go to our main product page here Zebra Blinds.



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